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Scott's Blog: The Legal System


Many of you were clients of my predecessor, Ronald D. Barrett, who passed away from a rare blood disease in November of 2008. During his lifetime, people knew him as a man whose word was his bond. It is my responsibility as his friend and colleague, to carry forth Ronald D. Barrett’s legacy of integrity, professional reputation and work ethic, as I am privileged to serve his clients as well as my own. In a letter to clients of her late husband, Lois B. Barrett, wrote:

 “While Ron was ill, we met Scott H. Sekuler, a young lawyer who offered to help him with his practice. We found Scott to be dedicated, conscientious, and to be very similar to Ron in temperament. This has even been confirmed by Ron’s clients who are now working with Scott.

Scott Sekuler works out of Ron’s former office and Ron’s secretary, Tracey Hurley is happy to stay on and work with him. I invite you to stop and visit Scott H. Sekuler. I know you will be warmly welcomed and should you choose to work with Scott, you can be confident about his taking on Ron’s clients in an expert and professional manner...”

Lois B. Barrett (Mrs. Ronald D. Barrett) January 31, 2009

Dear Chiropractic Friends,

I am writing you to let you know that I have a great lawyer and friend who has done some incredible work for me. His name is Scott Sekuler. He has many years experience in several fields of law that can be helpful to chiropractors. He has helped me with a challenging, house closing, several patients who have been injured in car accidents, collections issues and contracts with business associates. He is fair and honest and he always seems to please both sides of the table. In one particular instance, Scott helped me on a termination agreement with a chiropractic employee which made both myself and the employee, who was quitting, very happy. I would not hesitate to give Scott Sekuler a full recommendation and I would use him in several different areas of law. If he can't help me with some type of issue, then he always recommends another attorney, who can help me.

Dr. Tony Garrow

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